Novi Sad - Must Sees

Exit Festival takes place in Novi Sad the Serbian City of Food and Culture as well as the place to go for great hospitality and music.

While Novi Sad is probably best known for the legendary Exit Festival, there’s much more to the area.

Pedestrian zone - Zmaj Jovina is one of the main streets in Old Town. This pedestrianised boulevard is crammed with cafes, restaurants and small shops, making it the number one place to hang out in Novi Sad. The Bishop’s Palace (Vladichevski Dvor) which sits at the end of the street is definitely worth a visit. The corner of Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska is the location of the oldest preserved house in Novi Sad, dating back to 1720.

Trg Slobode – Trg Slobode (Liberty Square) is the main square in Novi Sad, dominated by the dizzying spire of the Roman Catholic Cathedral at one end and the neo-Renaissance style Town Hall at the other. In between the two buildings, tourists and locals relax in the street cafes under the gaze of Svetozar Miletic - a prominent 19th century Serbian politician whose statue is a focal point for Novisadniks when they have a national triumph or victory to celebrate.

Petrovaradin – The Petrovaradin Fortress sits on the right bank of the Danube. Dating back to the 17th century, it is now the location of the Novi Sad City museum, and has a huge terrace filled with cafes and restaurants, overlooking the river and the city of Novi Sad. The clock tower at the fortress famously has the large hand denoting the hour and the small hand showing the minutes, so sailors could read the time from out on the river.

Fruška Gora – Named after the mountain it sits on, the Fruška Gora National Park just outside Novi Sad is the home of some of the most beautiful countryside in Serbia. Covering an area of more than 25,000 km², Fruška Gora provides all kinds of activities – fishing, hunting, mushroom picking, mountaineering, visiting monasteries or wine tasting are just some of them.

Churches – Religious tourism is very popular in Serbia, and Novi Sad has some of the most beautiful churches in the country, although some of them sustained damage when Novi Sad was shelled by the Hungarian army in 1849. Nikolajevska (St. Nicholas’ Orthodox Church), Saborna (St. George’s Orthodox Church) and the Rimokatolicka Crkva (Roman Catholic Cathedral) are amongst the best known.

Štrand – Where it all goes on in the summer in Novi Sad. A sandy river beach where all the locals come to swim, sunbathe, pose, relax, walk or just hang out. And all for an admission fee of just 35 dinars. The beach is 700m long, with all the facilities you would expect – lifeguards, paramedics, proper changing rooms and toilets. The area is backdropped by a huge park providing plenty of shade, and there are dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes around.

EXIT Festival

10-13 July 2014

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