Exit Festival Tips

Serbia's Exit Festival is a must-do for anyone who is serious about their festivals. But it can be a bit daunting for a first-timer. So where should you go, what should you take, how can you get around? Anna-Maria tries to answer a few of your questions.

Music – The line up has plenty of big name bands, but is also brimming with dance acts, reggae, salsa, rock, electrana, and pretty much every type of music you could hope to see.

Stages - There's at least 25 stages with plenty of headlining bands at the Main stage and Fusion stage. The Dance Arena is where your dance DJs are, and the Happy Novi Sad stage is definitely one not to miss. Make sure you check out the little private bar next to it.

Getting Around – A map of the festival is so important but as long as you know your main areas…such as Main stage, Foodland and where the clock tower is you’ll see things as you get around and there is a lot. Even if you’re a regular, I promise you will find a place you’ve not been before. If you think you’ve done it all…honestly you haven’t.

Money – Tokens, but it is so much easier now they have got the system sorted out. No real queing at all and you can actually use money and not tokens at quite a few bars within the fortress, if you know where to look. This year they had people from the beer company walking round the stages taking cash for drinks so you didn’t even have to move.

Eating/Drinking – Theres a main food area called Foodland which has a real mix of fast food type food, and if you head upwards you’ll find plenty of smaller stalls with food. If you don’t fancy eating at the festival itself then there are stalls all lined up towards the festival entrance even on the bridge from the city centre and you can buy anything from crazy Serbian shots to pop corn, burgers, corn on the cob. Its cheap to eat and drink so its not going to burn a hole in your pocket.

Camping – The campsite moves around every year but this year it was back near the Danube river and the city centre. I think this spot was always a winner so I was glad to see it back again.

Weather – This year there were some pretty hot days, but generally it was perfect weather for a festival. It can get really hot, though, so best to be prepared.  In the evening it is usually a bit cooler.

Opening Times – The site opens about 6pm but most people start coming in between 8-9pm before the first band starts on the main stage. Once you go in though you can’t come back out. Music goes on till 8am, and if that’s not enough for you there are plenty of after parties dotted around - or you can just head to the campsite if you want more!!

Where to stay?

It can get very hot in the city of Novi Sad, so although it's great fun camping I would always recommend getting a hotel room or apartment. I’ve camped twice and loved the atmosphere of the campsite but if you need a break from it or need your recovery time then you might be better finding alternative type accommodation. That’s just my opinion and it really does depend on how hard core you are. If you do stay in private accommodation aim to get something in the city rather than by the festival as that way you get more out of your stay, and there are loads of bars/cafes and restaurants to hang out in. Also the city has a beautiful square.

The campsite is located usually near the Danube River so one bonus is you can swim. It's definitely worth taking your swimming costume with you.

How to get around?

Public transport is very regular and runs from 5.00am but if you don’t fancy the bus then taxis are so cheap at 300 dinars (£2-3) to get from pretty much anywhere to anywhere. Taxi’s are very easy to find and there are plenty outside the fortress so no queues.

EXIT Festival

10-13 July 2014

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