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11-13 July 2019

Tickets for Bilbao BBK Live Festival are now on sale!!

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Additional information

- For Bilbao BBK Live, you will receive an e-ticket by email, which contains a unique barcode and ticket reference number.

- Upon arrival at the festival site you must go to the main gates, where your e-ticket will be scanned and exchanged for a wristband.

- Three-day tickets are for one person only and are not transferable; therefore only one person will be able to access the site the three days of the festival.

- The wristband will allow you to enter and leave as many times as you like, from your first entrance into the site until 5 in the morning. If you leave after that time, you will not be able to access the site again until the gates opening the next day even if you have a wristband. Once you have exchanged your ticket for a wristband, only the wristband will allow you to come into the festival site, the ticket becomes useless. 

- Take care of the wristband, do not take it off, break it or exchange it with somebody else as you will lose your right to access the venue by doing so. 

- All children under 18 can enter the fest without the need to be accompanied by an adult but can not purchase or consume alcoholic beverages inside the enclosure.

Day tickets for BBK Live will be available from around April.

For more infomation about collecting tickets, checking in at the campsite, and parking and travel, please see the BBK Live website.

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