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Bilbao BBK Live Rep Review

Ok, so I went to Bilbao BBK Live which is (unsurprisingly) in Bilbao and relatively new (to non-Spanish people). The festival is situated on a hill above the city, which is pretty spectacular for views.

Irati rocking the eufest look


It's not so great for the hoofing of your tent/rucksack etc upwards once you get there. No, actually that is fine too, though, as there are free shuttle buses from the eufest drop off point straight up to the festival site. You just have to walk a little further up to collect your wristbands.

The festival itself is relatively small, but this is part of its charm. There are three stages and a dance tent, and even the phone charging tent had a DJ and was full of people (including me and Rawaa) every night. The line-up is guitar based, mainstream and basically stuff you'd hear on the radio – the likes of Mumford and Sons and the Kooks.

The headliners were big (amazing!) names such as Radiohead and the Cure. (My lovely co-rep Rawaa described these as "old" bands and I quietly cried into my pint at this, since I remember them from the first time round....). The crowd are mostly Spanish and really happy. Being a smaller festival it does feel pretty laid-back and there was a great atmosphere every night.

The site is set on a hill and this was a bit of an issue when it came to the camping. It’s best to go high up on the flat parts of the site (where the views are gorgeous) or on the basketball and football courts, which is where me and Rawaa ended up camping – but not until we had spent the first night sleeping basically on the vertical. Held in place by a rock. Barely.

There are showers on the campsites and toilets, but long queues of course. And a little heads up - most of the toilets are the stand-up, hole-in-the-floor kind. Don't go looking for a normal one ‘cos there's only about three of them on the whole site. There are bars and a couple of canteen-type pubs at the campsite, and most festivalgoers used these for the toilet and phone charging facilities. But they are also pretty good for eating and boozing too, and the staff there were very welcoming! Everyone is so friendly here....

During the day, its best to head into Bilbao on one of the free buses. It’s a big city and there's quite a bit to do. Sadly, I’m of no assistance here as I didn’t do any of it. Sorry! But some of the people we got chatting to had been down the coast to the beach during the day (Bilbao is a port, and the beach is only a couple of metro stops away). Others had been to the Guggenheim or just wandered around town. Maybe next time I’ll join them.

Working for eufest was brilliant. And I’m not just saying that so I can go again next year. Everything we needed was provided for us and easy to use. The transfers themselves went quite smoothly. The only issue was the language barrier, as most of the coach drivers did not speak much English. I was OK as I speak a fair bit of Spanish, but it could be a problem if you don’t speak the lingo and you’re not with someone who can translate. Most of the passengers are lovely too (and rather excited to be going to a festival), and most of them turn up in good time for getting the coaches. It’s a bit of a different story on the homeward journey after three days of festival craziness, but everyone did turn up. Eventually. (You know who you are!)

In short, I would definitely recommend going to BBK (and if you can get eufest to pay for you to go then even better). It’s a nice laid back festival where you'll meet some nice laid back people and hear some good music! Oh and Dermot? He's like totally awesome (sorry – he made me put that bit).


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