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Got a query? We've put the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below, so see if the answer's there. But if it isn't, send us an email and we'll get right on it.

Are you a real company?

We’re pretty unusual as far as businesses go, but we are absolutely 100% for real. We were first set up in 2003, have been running as a limited company since 2008 and have had many thousands of happy customers.


Sounds cool. can I have a job?

We’re always interested to hear from people who might want to work for us. Sometimes we have rep jobs going, which usually involve free travel, accommodation and festival tickets for whichever festival it is you are working at. And sometimes we might even have a proper, paid position to fill.

Our latest vacancies are available here, so have a look and see if we’ve got anything on offer – but feel free to send us a CV anytime, just so we have you on our books. You just never know…


What happens if there is a problem with the trip I have booked through you?

We do take our customer service very seriously, and if you are ever dissatisfied with your experience when booking through us, then we always want to hear about it and will do everything that we reasonably can to rectify the situation.


What happens if my flight is delayed? Will the bus wait for me?

We take your flight details after you book, so we know which flight you are on, and if there is a flight delay we will delay the bus as long as possible to give you a chance to catch it. However, it is not possible to guarantee that we would always wait indefinitely in all cases - we just have to see what the situation is on the day and make a decision then.

As a rule of thumb, if we're talking about delaying the bus for half an hour, that's no problem. Over an hour is probably too long. Anything in between depends on things like how many people we are waiting for, how many people are on the bus and waiting to leave, etc.

We try to be as flexible as we can, but essentially we're like the airlines - if you're a bit late, they'll probably wait for you. If you're really late, they probably won't


If I miss the bus I booked, can I transfer my booking to a different bus the same day?

Whenever possible, if we have to send a bus without some passengers on it then we will move forward passengers who have booked a later bus but arrived early. This means that – in theory – there will be free seats on that later bus for you when you turn up. But again this is subject to a lot of factors – for one thing there does have to actually be another bus that day going to the same place!

Ultimately, if we can help you we will – we don’t want to leave anyone behind – but it is not always possible in 100% of cases.


Will I be able to sit with my friends on the bus?

We don’t allocate seats on the bus, so if you want to sit together then you are best off queueing together.


I’ve booked a different time bus to all my friends – can I move my booking?

As long as we have the space then sure, we can move you to a different bus. Just drop us an email and ask us. Please note, we can only move bookings with the permission of the group leader (ie the person who made the booking).

So if your friend is in the same situation and needs to be moved, then they will need to contact us themselves. We can’t move someone else’s booking because you asked us to.


Why can’t I get my confirmation?

There could be a few reasons, but it’s probably because we don’t yet have some essential information from you.

If you’ve booked transfers with us then we will need you to update the names of all passengers - and if your transfer crosses any borders then we will need passport details too. We also need your flight details, so that if your flight is delayed we will know what has happened to you so will be able to delay our bus departure where possible.

For accommodation, we might need the names of all guests in your party, and you will usually need to settle your balance in full in order to confirm your booking.

All of these things can be updated through your itinerary, so make sure that you have given us all the info we need.

If you have booked more than one element, then they all need to be marked as COMPLETE in your itinerary before your confirmation can be issued.


I’ve done all that, and it says my booking is confirmed - but I still haven’t received the confirmation.

Firstly, make sure that you add the address info@eufest.com to your safe senders list or whitelist for whichever email you used to register with our site. That way any future emails from us about your booking won’t get zapped.

Then check your spam folder to see if it ended up in there. If not, try logging in to your itinerary and re-issuing it – as long as we have been listed as a ‘safe’ sender, then it should get through this time.


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